Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Newborn is FIVE Months!

I'm in disbelief that my newborn baby is 5 months old. OK, so he is NOT a newborn, but he is growing way too quickly. With two kids, time goes by so fast! Not to mention that he weighs much as Cadence did at a year - so it seems like he is even older! I'm grateful for him being in our family because he is such a joy. Such a good baby!!!Cooper has started sitting. He stills falls over sometimes to the side or back, if he jerks around, but is getting more strength in his trunk. He likes to play with little toys that make sound or paper when I put it in front of him. When we hold him up in standing position, he likes to jump. Consequently, we got the jumper out and put him in! He loves it! He's not going wild with jumping, but does like to move up and down. His neck is strong enough that I am confident he is ok using it!
Besides sitting, he has started eating (but doesn't love it), reaching up for us when he wants to be picked up (even to Cadence), arches his back when he is being picked up, and puts so many things in his mouth!!! His favorite thing to put in his mouth is the little blue chew toy on the exer-saucer. Cadence loves Cooper. She enjoys that he is getting better at responding and reacting to her. He laughs, smiles and flaps his arms at/towards her. She still likes to wake him up or not let him sleep. When I am hiding him (so he can sleep uninterrupted), she asks "Where's Cooper?" and tries to find him. They are best friends!!!

Cooper loves baths and kicking in the water. He likes watching his mobile. He is getting too big for his swing because he leans forward and grabs the side to stop himself. He is so big, smart and capable already!!! We havee thoroughly enjoyed Cooper being in our home the last five months!!!!


Kristina P. said...

He is so adorable! I love his round little head.

Kim said...

Both your kiddos are so darn cute!