Monday, December 22, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Performance Ever!

Four of the five Christmas' that Chris and I have been married, we've attended a Christmas program at the Bradley's (Chris' friends) house. This program is performed by the infamous Paul Prindergast (?). If you know Paul, you know why he is infamous!!! He does such a good job and I get so excited for it every year.

This year was NO let down! He started playing a few Christmas songs on his accordian. (I didn't get a picture of it!) He also reads some poems he wrote and some that were written by others. For this poem entitled "Freedom," Cadence held a flag.

One of my favorite parts of the show is when Paul performs "Can Christmas" or something like unto it! For this part, he dances, tosses/flips a can of food and uses fancy footwork to a Christmas song. This year, he tossed a blue can around while dancing to some Elvis song. He actually performed TWO tossing objects songs!!!!
Another favorite song he dances and acts out to is "I Just Go Nuts At Christmas!" His faces are the best and I laugh at this funny song!

A more serious song he acts out is "Mary Did You Know?" He chooses one person to act as Mary and mouths the words to her. Very touching!
He added a few games to this years performance. We went in a circle with each person saying one sentence and then the next adding onto the story. Our story was all over the place and went around the circle 3 or 4 times until Paul ended us. So Funny!!! I have to say this is my most favorite performance of Paul's yet!
After the performance, we ate dessert and Cadence danced around in a tablecloth (becuase she didn't have a little blanket) with the Bradley's grandkids. She LOVES to dance!!!
I hope for as long as I live in Logan, we will be invited to Paul's Christmas show! It is one of the Christmas events I look forward to the most!!!


Charlotte said...

I miss Paul. I'm so glad you posted this about him.

Kristina P. said...

What a fun evening! He sounds like such a neat guy.

Melissa and Kyle said...

That show sounds like it would be so fun! And Cadence dancing in the table cloth is so cute!

Bamamoma said...

Good memories of Paul. I always loved to hear his testimony each month. Thanks for sharing him with me.

Aaron and crystal said...

That is so sweet! What a fun tradition to be a part of. I love seeing all of the wonderful things that you do with your family. Your awesome!

Token Asian Friend said...

How much are tickets?