Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Calling All Returned Sister Missionaries In Cache Valley

A year ago a sweet older sister from my ward invited me to join a group of returned missionaries. I thought it sounded like fun. They have quarterly meetings/activities. I skipped out on all 4 activities my first year. Then I went to one this fall. I was the only RM under the age of 65!!! Seriously! It was fun to hang out with those more experienced in life than me, but I still yearn for someone relatively near my own age to come to some of these activities with me. In fact, many ladies came up to me and asked me to bring my friends so life can be brought back into this program! If you or someone you know is interested in joining, PLEASE call me!!!

Saturday, this group had a lunch. I invited Melissa Rodemack, a RM from my ward, to come with me. We brought our husbands. There was only one other man there and I thought maybe I had made a mistake by bringing a male as my guest until I realized almost everyone I knew that was there was a widow and can't bring their husband. I felt much better!
The lunch was at the Bluebird. My favorite part was the program/performance of a bell choir! Cadence enjoyed listening to the bells and was such a good girl! Their were little jingle bells on the table and she only shook them when everyone was clapping! After the performance was over, the nice bell ladies let Cadence ring a bell!

I will attend a bell choir concert in the future! Very Cool!


Kristina P. said...

Wait, is that Melissa from Kyle and Melissa? She reads my blog! Sounds like a fun time!

Aaron and crystal said...

That sounds like so much fun... I wish I was a return missionary just so I could join :)

Mindi B said...

I would totally join, but . . . I'm not a Return Missionary . . . yet!

Melissa and Kyle said...

Love the post! :) It was a fun time. Kyle had a good time talking with Donna who was next to him. I don't think he even noticed he was one of three males in the room. :) P.S. That's funny that Kristina would notice me on your blog! :)