Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time with Mimi's Family

Cadence and Cooper have been adopted by a family. "Mimi" and Carl act like an extra set of grandparents, and their kids act like aunts and uncles. Cadence absolutely loves all of them and their house!!! She often asks if she can go to Mimi's to play.

Last Thursday, Jen - who is one of my heroes - invited us to hear her sing at a Christmas program. She did well and I loved going to spend time with my special friends. While we were there, Thomas asked if he could take Cadence for the day on Friday to play with her. She wanted to go and so we agreed for the play date.
The following day, we met Thomas and Sharli at (Old) McDonald's for lunch. Jen works there and Cadence loves the playland, hamburger happy meal and a hot fudge sundae. After eating and playing, she left with Thomas. Cooper and I went home. I actually got a few things accomplished, which included sewing some items for a baby shower/party for my friend KimberLeigh. Later that evening, we drove to Mimi's for the baby party and found a very happy Cadence. She had had a blast! One of the favorite things she had done was play the drums with Rock Star(?)
Even though Cadence is so much younger than many of the kids she plays with, she just acts like one of the big kids. She loves Mimi's house and all the people there. Thank you for being part of her life!!!


Kristina P. said...

People LOVE the Rock Band. I've never played.

Oh, and I have a McDonald's post in the works. I'm sort of addicted.

amelia and crew said...

Holy crap, man! I really had to catch up on your blog today. What fun times y'all have been having. It looked like a beautiful thanksgiving and SO much fun at the condo. Good times. Well, I won't be calling you to hang out any time soon. Croup. So sad. See you later!

Jacqui said...

It was fun to see you at McDonald's. Seems like we keep running into each other at all these fun places...we just need to play together sometime. I'll give you a call.

Tina said...

Bridget asked to go to "Old McDonald's" the other day. She said that she really wanted fries and a yogurt. When we got there she announced that this was NOT Old McDonalds... it was because the playland was missing. We just went to the one close to our house, thinking that she really just wanted fries and yogurt. Boy, were we wrong!