Monday, March 16, 2009

Boy Eats Cow

Cooper is a biter! He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth! Now that he has teeth on the top and bottom, he is deadly! Some objects that go in whole come out missing pieces. Cadence won this spongy-type cow at USU's homecoming party. It was a bath toy!

Cooper got a hold of it and now it the garbage. He bit off the ears and both hind legs. I got tired of worrying about him choking on the chunks he was biting off and finally tossed it.

The cow brought Cooper so much joy and happiness. He would start bouncing when he would see it! As soon as he picked it up, it went straight to his mouth for chewing and biting pleasure! I'm sure if he could have had it longer, he would have eaten the whole cow (chewed it to nothing). The foam swords that he and Cadence received for Christmas also are a favorite for him to chew, bite and destroy. I hope this oral fixation ends soon!!!


that raven chick said...

cooper and cadence are absolutely adorable! you have beautiful kids

Jen said...

That is so funny! Yum, Yum! That is cool about Chris's new calling!

Melissa and Kyle said...

Congrats on winning the cupcakes! I just saw that on "our friend's" blog! :)

Mick and Tiff said...

I love that he chewed that cows ears right off. How funny! And congrats on the calling, I am glad it is not the bishopric as well because that could be so time comsuming!