Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Staycation

Last week was Spring Break at USU and Chris HAD to take it off (without pay:( Instead of going somewhere exotic, we chose the easy, cheap way and stayed close to family. It was so much fun!
I watched my nieces in Ogden for a few days while my sister went to a conference with her husband. Cadence loved hanging out with Maddie and McKinley. I can't believe how mature and responsible all my nieces are. They are growing up too quickly!
While the girls were at school, we visited two McD's playlands,
the soft play at the Newgate Mall,
walked through Target, JoAnn's and just had lots of fun around the town! When the girls came home from school, we played in the snow, played with the hamster,
visited some friends (karah from Impact, Brian &Tawna), skiied on the Wii, and played games, etc. We also tried to do some homework and reading!
Chris joined us on Thursday and we explored the Treehouse Museum!!! Cadence LOVED it! If we lived near Ogden, we would get a yearly membership and be there weekly! Cadence and Maddie participated in a puppet show, played musical instruments, cooked in the kitchen, and so much more. It was a ton of fun!!!!!!!!!
After we left my sister's on Friday, we headed down to the Draper Temple open house. The temple was so beautiful. Simple, yet elegant! As we walked through, Cadence kept whispering "shhhh!" to us. In the sealing room, we looked in the large mirrors and Cadence counted how many Cadences she saw. She stopped at six and thought it was cool she could see where people get married. I'm grateful that families can be forever!
Unfortunately, there were street preachers outside the stake center where we ate cookies and drank water. One had to start yelling about how Chris was black and the church is racist, etc. I wanted to tell him, "Thank you for acting lik a racist by screaming about and focusing on the obvious color of my husand's skin." I decided not to. Contention is not of God!
Swinging on Grammy's big swing and jumping on the tramp made Cadence and Cooper so happy! On Saturday, we visited Mary Lampros and kids. We hoped Cadence would enjoy the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. She liked playing in the water and the sand the most.From the dinosaur museum, we attended an Impact reunion for Chris' Lift Off group. He enjoyed visiting with all his friends. Cadence loved watching Pocahontas and playing with the kids until...she threw up! That ended the party. We arrived back home in Cache Valley at 1:30am so we could be here for Church on Sunday!

What a staycation! We visited many people, museums and explored new places all for less than $100 including gas! That is my kind of vacation!


Anonymous said...

That is a great "staycation" and what a catchy name! Gotta love those enforced weeks off from work, though :). What fun. We love to see what your family is up too!

Camille said...

That pic of Cadence and Cooper at the mall... holy smokes! He looks like a three year old and so stinking cute!

Mindi B said...

That's crazy about the street preacher - it's too bad that they just don't get it!!

Tara Bergsjo said...

Way awesome!! I have been to the treehouse a couple of times, I agree it is so cool. I wish we had something like that here. I am so sorry about that preacher, things like that are not cool. It looks like you guys had so much fun. Sorry Cadence threw up, that is never fun!

Annie said...

Sounds like fun! I'm bugged about the silly street preacher, too. I'm proud of you for not yelling back - that's hard to do - especially when someone is saying stupid things to the people you love the most. Your family picture in front of the temple is beautiful. xoxo