Monday, March 9, 2009

Eight Is Enough!

I give permission for Cooper to STOP growing! He is eight months old going on 15 months. He is so heavy and so large. Carrying him around is making my arms strong and my back sore. Never before have I been so thankful for hips (that support his weight when I am holding him.) He is fitting very nicely in 12 month clothes. He is such a momma's boy! If I am in sight, he wants to be touching me somehow. Whether he is wanna-be crawling on me or in my arms, he loves to be close to me. It is a self-esteem booster that he loves me so much , but is a little draining sometimes. Cooper grew his two top front teeth this month. They are cute and make him look so mature. He grinds them together and that is driving me absolutely crazy! It sends chills up my spine! Cooper finds great pleasure in pinching me - my neck, my arms, other places I won't write here. He gets a little skin in between his fingers and squeezes rolling his fingers back and forth. Please stop!!! Cooper loves Cadence. In the morning when we go in to wake her up, he starts jumping in my arms, smiling and making happy sounds. I put him next to her and Cooper climbs all over her. When he sits next to her, he puts his head or arms all over it. It drives Cadence crazy and sometimes she ends up crying!!! Cooper loves to blow raspberries - lots of them. His shirt will be soaking wet as will anything directly in front of him from all the spit that leaves his mouth after a raspberry blowing session. Cadence often joins him in the fun!!! He also makes a REALLY loud clicking sound! I think he knows that African clicking language because he communicates some things in clicks. Often, instead of signing "eat" like I want him to do, he will click his tongue! A miracle has happened. His goopy eye disappeared! It started getting worse and worse and then one day, it was gone! Thank you for clearing up. I hope it stays this way forever!!! Unfortunately, I have found two little spots of molluscum on him:(
Cooper is scooting on his belly a little. He turns in circle on his belly and in sitting position. He rolls very easily from his back to his front and pushes up often. when he is sitting, he rocks up to his knees and bounces. Clapping his hands is something fun he likes to do. Unfortunately, he has pulled himself up to a couple of items already. Getting into drawers and being attracted to electric outlets is a new hobby:( Cooper is a big eater. While he still eats baby food, he is LOVING big people food. He loves it when we break off small bites of our meal and give it to him. He hasn't refused any "big people" food yet! Due to the increase in normal food, his poop is becoming more solid and more STINKY!!! He is a STINKY GAS MAN! He is still putting EVERYTHING in his mouth and now that he has teeth, he bites the objects to pieces.Cooper has figured out how to undo the tags to his diaper. If his pants are off and he is laying down, he undoes his diaper and...acts like a boy!!! He likes to drive the car shopping cart at Macey's. He is very ticklish in his belly and has the cutest laugh! Seeing the fish swim at the pet store makes Cooper squeal with joy and jump in my arms. He loves to kiss and touch other babies. He is extremely attracted to a baby if there is another one in the room. He likes to sit his swing and swing and stop himself by using his arms and the sidebars. Cooper always needs a seatbelt in his stroller, swing and high chair because he is all over the place - leaning forward, sideways, trying to stand, etc. He is too mobile and curious!!!
I love my Cooper - even if he is super big, super curious and super silly!!!


Ky and Brod said...

He is so cute with his top two teeth!! And I wouldn't be able stand the grinding either.. I got chills just reading about it!

Stephanie said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of boys! I've got three of them... I have been through everything you described in your blog. Wait until he gets older and discovers that super heroes fly!!! I've had kids flying off bunk beds... yeah... they didn't have bunk beds for very long after that!

thegardnerthree said...

We love cooper- and Cadence and Michelle and Chris- the JOhnnies RULE!!!!! p.s. I can't believe how much your kiddos look like each other- DANG CUTE!

Tina said...

Wow. It was crazy to read about all the things he's doing now. It makes me kinda sad to realize that Spencer will be doing all of that in a few short months. Sometimes it'd be nice just to keep them tiny and little forever.
The pics are adorable! Are some of them at the Treehouse museum? That last one with the remote makes him look sooo grown up!

Bamamoma said...

What a cute, cute kid! I love his big eyes and his grin. You do a good job of recording important and interesting things about your kids. You will all look back and have good memories.