Monday, March 23, 2009

Swinging Spring

The weather has been wonderful...some days. Other days, it is rainy and snowy. It is definitely spring in Utah!!! On those good days, we take a walk around the neighborhood and usually end up at a park. Cadence loves to swing. I think Cooper is big enough to gently swing too. This is his first time in a swing!
They enjoyed swinging together as brother and sister and friends!!!
The other favorite activity at the park for Cooper was to eat woodchips, naturally!
And Cadence thoroughly loved the challenge of climbing up the slide!
I have a feeling that we will be spending LOTS of time at the parks this spring. We love being outside!!!


Tina said...

Well, its certainly not Spring today :( I hope it is soon though. I think Bridget and I are both anxious to get out to the park!
btw... on your St. Patrick's Day post I love that you said that you didn't want to be forced to pinch your kids. Too Funny!

Tina said...

Oh... And I'll get those pictures sent to you from today. Just need to copy them from my camera. :)