Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gratitude For A Job

Yesterday, Chris came home thankful to have a job. In these scary times of a recession and layoffs, we are grateful for Chris' employment. SEVENTEEN people in his department at the USU came to work yesterday with a job and left without a job. Chris was NOT one of them. My heart goes out to them. Next week, Chris does not GET to work. The whole university (including faculty and staff) is on Spring Break and will not be paid. Luckily, the five days of unpaid leave will be spread out over five paychecks instead of one. I'm ok with this idea!

I guess that his department decided to do layoffs now instead of in May or June so Chris says his job is safe and will have it for a long time. Let's hope and pray that that is true.

**At this time, I am also very grateful that I have a degree in SPED and ELED. I really believe if I had to get a job that I could find one as a SPED teacher because few people have that degree and it is a tough job that many people have left because of the burnout. I also think that with my ELED degree that would help me compete against anyone else attempting to get a SPED job. Also, since I have a Master's in Voc. Rehab. that gives me more of an edge over other people. I am grateful for my education!!!!


Kristina P. said...

Wow! I was just talking to my coworker who has a family member working in higher ed., and she said that because of the stimulus package, his job is safe now.

Glad Chris still has a job!

Camille said...

That has been on my mind lately since there are lots of friends who work for the university. I am so glad he is secured there! Secretly, I'd love if you went back to teach, because then I'd get to love your cute babes all day!!! :)

Token Asian Friend said...

That is some serious good news, and some serious bling.

Tina said...

Scary. I'm glad he still has a job.