Monday, March 23, 2009

Scary St. Patrick's Day

When the kids woke up, they were wearing green. I didn't want to have to pinch them!!! I dressed them in some green too. I told Cadence she had to wear green or she could get pinched. She was paraniod all day about getting pinched!!!! I was in charge of the storytime activity for our ward today and chose a St. Patrick's Day story about a parade and leperchauns. A "leperchaun" put shamrocks all over the church with clues about where he hid a treasure. Unfortunately, Cadence and Cooper were the only ones that were there for the story and leperchaun hunt. Once again, Cadence was afraid of what the leperchaun might be like and I had to drag her from clue to clue. At the end, she was so relieved to find a bucket of candy all for herself (she thought!) While Cadence at the candy Kisses filled with caramel, Cooper ate the green shamrocks and turned himself a little green.
While Cadence and Cooper were eating their treat of choice, Carolyn-Kate showed up. We decorated a green sash and had a small parade around the gym!
Aren't CK and Cadence cute?
That evening we had corned beef and cabbage with the Coltrin family. I forgot to get pictures because there were so many kids running around and it was crazy! Cadence learned a lot about St. Patricks Day this year. Hopefully next year, she won't be so scared!


Katey said...

Little kids are so funny. It's so great that she was scared of the leperchaun's. What great memories you are making with her!

Kristina P. said...

Corned beef and cabbage is the bane of my existance. My mom would make it every year, and we all HATED it.

Ky and Brod said...

What a fun day for you and your kids! How funny that Cadence was scared all day. Hopefully she didn't get pinched!