Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Jesus' Time

Last Saturday, I attended a fellowship lunch at a Baptist church with my friend Mary. She was the School Psychologist when I was teaching and would test my students and attend some IEPs. I went with her five years ago to one of these and was excited when she invited me again. The theme this year was "In His Time." The tables were decorated by different times and events throughout history dealing with Christ. Mary decorated her table around the theme of martyrs.
The food was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the many "strangers" sitting on my table. The program at last lunch was a group of ladies who sign (language) the words to the songs. It was beautiful. This year, the program was a song by lady and the preacher's wife speaking to us. She had some really good points about how we use our time on wasteful and unnecessary things (like anger, brooding, gossiping, hypocrisy, etc.) instead of being Christlike. At the end, she offered to assist us in being/getting saved.

I was grateful that Mary cares enough about me to invite me to come twice!!! The picture to the left is a table decorated for the hippie movement. The stained glass window is one that Mary and her ex-husband created. It is beautiful.
Every time I attend a church function with Mary (or other denomination), I ask myself a few deep questions about my personal faith and religion. I know the ladies at Mary's church believe and love and have an amazing relationship with Jesus. It is very evident in how they speak, sing and pray. Is it evident in my thoughts, actions and speech? In the church I attend? Is Christ spoken about in every lesson, talk, and song? I also re-examine my belief about the Godhead/trinity. I just don't see how Heavenly Father/God can be His own Son, Jesus Christ. When I served my mission to South Carolina, it just didn't make any sense when the wonderful Christian there tried to explain their God and Jesus to me. I also have a hard time with the concept "being saved." I believe Jesus to be the Christ and that he has the power to save my body and soul, but I believe it takes more than just saying "I believe in Jesus." And if all it takes to be saved is to do that, then why do Baptists believe that I am not saved? While there are many differences in our Christian denominations, there are so many similarities and I am grateful for all religions and my friends that belong to them. I shared my testimony on Sunday about Jesus. I felt it only appropriate to say what I believe about Christ. Thank you Mary for inviting me to your lunch!
(I did not say any of the previous message to offend anyone. It is just my personal feelings and belief. Please do not take offense if you disagree with me.)


Jenny and Jake said...

Disco, I agree, being in Ohio with so many different faiths there are a lot of opportunities to strengthen my testimony of our church and learn about the many great beliefs of other faiths.

Kristina P. said...

It is interesting to go to other churches. I was volunteering at the Draper Temple this morning, and had to read a statement about the church and temples on the bus ride, and I always wonder how other faiths view us.

Tina said...

Nice disclaimer at the end. I think its nice to have friends of various faiths and be able to relate to and worship with them from time to time. No one ever said that you can't learn anything from other religions. Looks like the event was enjoyable too. Bonus.