Friday, November 21, 2008

A Handful of Hair!

It is sad, but true. Cooper loves me so much, he wants to take a part of me with him wherever he goes! Thus the desire to pull my hair. In large chunks, no less. He will be giving me a cuddly hug, sucking on my cheek and then he yanks a large handful of hair from my head! Thank you son! I love you also!
It reminds me of my days as a Special Education Teacher and those cute, innocent kids who pulled my hair when the manipulative monster inside of them didn't get his way. Whether it was elementary or high school, I did not enjoy that part of the job. It is a good thing I loved my students and my son because I hate pulling out a handful of loose hair!


amelia and crew said...

Ouchie! He doesn't know his own strength!

Jennie said...


Tori said...

Wow! Tell him to STOP THAT!!! Ellie just makes my hair fall out.