Friday, November 14, 2008

Playtime Fun

Everyday, we have playtime fun! And boy, it is fun (for Cadence)! Kids are so silly. I can't wait to see how Cooper "plays" when he gets bigger. It will be double the fun!

One thing I like about this house is that we have one bedroom solely dedicated to toys and fun! When kids/friends/playgroup come over, I send them up the stairs straight to the toyroom. So nice!!! The following pictures are part of a day in the life of playing and toyroom fun.

A neighbor gave this big star balloon to Cadence the other day when we were creating a Thanksgiving dinner (more on this another day.) The "fun" for Cadence involved bonking Cooper and me on the head multiple times, throwing it around, jumping on it, throwing it in the air and hitting it, etc. Love it!!!

Next was musical instrument fun. Hitting the drum, banging the tambourine, making me dance to the beautiful music, marching around the room, hitting every button in the room that makes a sound and last but definitely not least, putting the tambourine on heads and taking pictures. Cadence actually snapped a centered, good picture!!! Way to go, Superstar!

(Notice the shelves in the background and how the stuffed animals are ON them!)

Now that you've seen the shelves, look at what they look like when they are completely empty and scattered. We can call this "a bed of animals" or "choas is exhilirating" or "I love to play clean-up." Yes, Cadence thought it would be so much fun to pull everything off the shelves and lay on top and throw them. She really is so cute!!! It is a good thing she likes to sing and play "Clean up" for a few minutes!!!

Later that day, Cadence was standing on chairs, jumping on the couch, dancing on top of her art table, etc. To teach her it is MORE fun to play under tables instead of ON TOP of them, I showed her how to build a tent/hut! She thought it was the coolest!!! Not a lot of fun for the three of us to get under at once, but worth the memories!!! And, yes, she is without clothes or diapers! Just one of those fun play things she likes to do!!!!
Playing with kids rocks my world!!! They make me laugh everyday! IF you ever want to come play, give me a call!


Troy and Jen said...

Fun PICS! I wish we had a big enough place to have one room dedicated to toys... someday :) That's a great idea. Cute kids.

Mindi B said...

So much fun! I particularly wish I could lay on a big pile of stuffed animals!! You are so cute with your kids (I'm not surprised at all!)

Tina said...

:D The picture of you with a tambourine on your head is the best! Don't you love the things kids come up with for us parents to do! priceless.

Mick and Tiff said...

I am so jealous. I would LOVE a toy room. I guess I should just send Addy to Logan to play in your toy room!!!

Tara Bergsjo said...

Very cute! We would love to come and play but we would also love you to come here and play! I am not so good at calling so call me! I will try to remember to call!

Heather said...

Yes, we would love to come play sometime. That would be so nice to have a room for all of Parker's toys. I try to put them in an overflowing container of toys but they just end up in every room sometimes.