Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Years and Four Months

Since I write about Cooper every month, I thought I should write about Cadence at this point in time. Cadence is so cute most of the time. She has her moments when she acts like a two-yr-old. Cadence is smart. Lately, when people ask her how old she is, she will reply, "Two and four months." She hears me say that Cooper is four months and Cadence is two and four months and has started repeating it. We still watch Sesame Street's "Word on the Street." Last week, the word was unanimous. Cadence would say the word and then say "it's when you just take a vote, and I can't remember the rest." I would say "and everyone votes" and she would finish "the same way!" She loves to "read books" repeating the words and phrases she hears us read. She knows most the letters of the alphabet and knows all the sounds the letters make. Listening is one of her strengths.

Cadence is two. She has a very hard time sharing her toys when friends come to our house. She does much better sharing when she is at other people's homes. She can be a bit bossy when she sees kids doing something they probably shouldn't be doing. I tell her her job is not to be the boss of other kids. That is the mom/adults job and not to tell other kids what to do. She found a way around by telling kids, "Your mom said....." She is too funny. Unfortunately, Cadence attempts to make demands. She wants to tell me what to do. If I tell her "no," she says, "Don't say No to me, Mom." Some days she is a little whiny. At times, my patience is definitely tested.

Cadence loves to sing and dance. She makes up her own songs with very funny words. I love her singing. When she sings or makes "music," she wants me to dance. Cadence could dance and dance and dance forever. She has rhythm and likes to shake her "bootie."

Cadence has so many friends.and is so social. She wants to know everyone's names. After she meets someone new, she shakes their hands and says "Nice to meet you" usually without making eye contact. She has all four of our birthdays memorized. She loves to sing "Happy Birthday" and pretend that many toys are birthday cakes. She often asks, "Where's.....?" She asks that question many times a day. The answer is usually "At home, school or work."

Cadence is her mom's daughter. She loves treats!!! Chocolate, ice cream, sugar, suckers, chips, etc. She doesn't always want to eat what I give her. Her favorite breakfast food is waffles.

Potty training is not going so well because she doesn't want to go in the potty. It has been 10 months since she went in the potty the first time. Since Cooper has come, she says she "wants to be like a baby." She still doesn't like her hair being combed or getting dressed in the morning.

She loves Mr. Cooper. She kisses him, rubs his head, pokes him, etc. Cadence is very good to play with him and to include him in her activities. I think her favorite thing to do with Cooper is to wake him up from his naps. (My favorite!)

In all, my Cadence is a joy! She makes my day everyday. There is so much I learn from her! She is my super-reader princess!


Kristina P. said...

She is adorable! And I love the name Cadence.

Tina said...

We love Cadence! What a great way to spotlight her too! Very cute.

Kim said...

I love your little Cadence. She is so beautiful and from your descriptions seems like such an amazing little person. We may be coming to Logan later this month so I'll let you know. Maybe we can see you!

amelia and crew said...

So cute. When are we hanging out? Franny's cough is pretty much gone.