Friday, November 7, 2008

Playtime with Bridget

My friend, Tina, went all out for Halloween this year. She made the costumes of Mike, Sulley and Boo from Monster's Inc. To see Tina's blog, click here. (She's won two costumes contests with it so far.) I volunteered to assist her with paper mache, brainstorming and watching Bridget while she worked vigorously. We played with Bridget two different days. Cadence and Bridget get along pretty well for two 2-yr-olds. They have their moments of selfishness and mischieviousness, but for the most part they are well behaved!

It is now a proven fact that a Ford Focus can fit 3 car seats...barely. We had a hard time getting the third seat in and closing the door, but we did it!!!

After eating and playing at the McDonald's Playland (a favorite playdate activity for these two), we walked through the Willow Park Zoo. Bridget and Cadence took turn riding in the stroller.

After the zoo, they played at the park. Sliding down the slides with their babies was their favorite part. (If you can't tell, Cadence was really into having her face painted for the week before Halloween. If I didn't paint it for her, she would paint it herself!)The second time we played with Bridget, we rode the city bus. Cadence has been asking to ride the bus for a couple of weeks. They brought their babies, Emma (Bridget's) and Soppie (Cadence's). Their babies had to have a seat of their own on the bus. Bridget named Cadence's baby. Cadence hadn't even paid attention to the troll/baby in the toy room until Bridget found it and started playing with it. Now she likes the baby.

After the bus, we played at Cadence's favorite park by our house, played with play-do, in the playroom, etc. I'm grateful Cadence has Bridget for a friend. She learns a lot from playing with Bridget. I'm glad I have a friend like Tina. I learn a lot from her!


Jacqui said...

Oh the bus trip...we've been meaning to do that one day. We have a stop at the end of our street. I'm just always in such a hurry to get things done. I need to SLOW down and hang out with you.

Tina said...

And I do appreciate it!! Very much. Bridget loves playing with Cadence, so it was really nice to be able to send her off to play knowing she'd be having fun and be taken care of. Looks like you guys had quite the adventures on your outings. I'll have to get those pictures from you.
Thanks again for watching her!