Saturday, November 1, 2008

Help My Friend Win A Contest!

I've been assisting my friend, Tina, in making her costumes (Boo, Sulley and Mike from Monster's Inc). She's spent A LOT of time and money on them. She has entered a costume contest that is decided by voting. Please click on this link and vote a 10 for her (and me.) Spread the word! Thanks.


Tara Bergsjo said...

Those are so cool! I hope she wins!!

Tina said...

You rock! Thanks for posting this here for me.
FYI, since you asked... I am tied with 4 other people for first place, with an average ranking of 9.5. All the others at the top have more than 1,000 votes - I am at 171.

They add up all of your ratings and divide by the number of people that rated you to get the average score (9.5 of 10). When voting closes, if there is a tie than a panel of judges will determine the winner.

One more day of voting, wish me luck!!

And thanks again for all the Bridget watching and paper mache help. It was greatly appreciated!