Monday, November 3, 2008

The Winner is...US!!!

While playing at the park today, I got a VERY unexpected phone call. It was King's telling me that Cooper had taken 2nd in the costume contest!!! We won a $30 gift certificate. Holy Cow!!! Total surprise! Let's be honest - his costume really isn't that spectacular. It is a Santa outfit I bought on clearance 3 years ago when I found out I was pregnant with Cadence!!! I just dressed him in it and did nothing else. I'm not complaining! I'm just surprised!!! This is my cute little Santa! I guess he is just such a stunningly beautiful baby that he had to be picked!
My friend, Tina, who went all out with Monsters Inc. costumes this year(, took third place. When I heard about the contest, I told her to enter it because her costumes are so cool. She could win almost every contest she entered. How silly is it that Cooper/Santa placed higher than little Boo! I'm sad and a bit surprised that Zander didn't win. Oh well! We now have $30 towards Christmas presents. How wonderful!!! Thanks King's!!!


Aaron and crystal said...

I didn't even know that Kings did Costume contests. That is awesome that Cooper won 2nd place. It's always nice when you can get money towards getting Christmas presents.

Bradshaw Adventures said...

Congraduations!!! He is so darn good lookin-you could of had him in a onesie and he would have won!!

Tina said...

I'm glad he won! Bravo!
Who can resist a cute little guy in a santa outfit - honestly?

Only 45 minutes left on that other contest... gulp!

Veda said...

Congratulations! Cooper does make a very cute Santa!

Kim said...

He looks so cute - for being in a Santa outfit he looks like a little Scrooge - he is probably tired of pics like the rest of us!