Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Day In History

Since this is my journal, my husband is black and my children are half black, I should record that an African American, Barack Obama, has just been voted President of the United States of America. While I am not an Obama fan and did not vote for him, I realize this significant day in history as a step towards total equality and less discrimination for minorities. I would not vote for (or against) someone just because of their race. I think it is racist! I'm praying that Obama will do a great job and make a positive difference in America. Hopefully he will be known for more than just being the first black President! Though much more liberal than me, I like his personality. I hope that some of the things that made me very nervous about him (some of his questionable ties to people and organizations, his climb to the presidency and the people he stepped on to get there, not answering questions directly, a huge increase in spending and taxing, lack of experience outside of the US) do not negatively affect his decision making and the direction he takes this country. Congradulations Obama! May you make people of all races proud!!! Though we may have differences, I support you now that you are the Man!


Veda said...

Well Said!!!1

Bamamoma said...

It is definitely exciting. I love that in our nation there is a peaceful transfer of power and that usually most people get behind the president (at least at first - until he does something to tick them off) whether they voted for him or not. I love our country!

Mick and Tiff said...

Very well put Michelle. I agree 100%