Friday, May 8, 2009

Aching Allergies

After we arrived in Logan following our trip to Louisiana, I felt my allergies coming on. I went to buy some benadryl-type medicine, only to be told by the pharmacist that if I took it, my milk supply would probably decrease and eventually dry up (if I took it enough times). Anti-histamines dty up a person's secretions. Sweet! I got to suffer through allergy season. It has been over three weeks and I am still feeling it! I think my allergies are getting worse every year!

The first two weeks were the worst. I can handle my nose and throat being stuffy and itchy, but my eyes are another story. My eyes were constantly running and itching. They were red, swollen and bruised from being rubbed so much. I have quit wearing make-up and my contacts due to the constant itching and scratching. I look ugly, old and awful, but I don't care because it is better than smearing make-up, losing/tearing contacts and running to the bathroom to rearrange the contacts. I tried taking cow colostrum, eating tablespoons of local honey (yum) and they only had a minimal relief. A week ago, after feeling like I was going blind and being totally miserable, Chris drove me back to the pharmacists and I asked if there was ANYTHING I could take that would give my eyes some relief. He told me about some eyedrops that still had some potential to dry up my milk, but probably wouldn't. I grabbed it and the results were instant and fantastic. My eyes stopped itching and watering. I could open my eyes again! I've only taken the drops a few more times. This week, my nose is stuffier, but I am happier. I can't wait for my allergies to go away!!!!


Kristina P. said...

Oh, that is horrible! I'm glad you found something that works. I am very, very grateful that I don't really have allergies.

grammawood said...

Looks to me that you need to move to Louisiana; I suggest Natchitoches!

kristin said...

I hope that the allergies get better for you quick!

I was just so excited to find your blog - I saw a comment from you on "A Feathered Nest" and came right over. :)

Your kids are both SO big and adorable - I can't believe it!

Katey said...

Allergies are no fun!! I'm sorry that you have to deal with that.