Friday, May 1, 2009

Sightseeing and Flying Home

On Monday, the day after Easter (I am so behind posting!!!), Barbara, Chris' step-mom took us sight seeing. We walked through an old mansion called Shadows on the Tesch (or something like that). It was fun learning about the history of the area, owners of the home, slaves, and so forth.
Even though the house was nice, it was definitely not made for today's living, outdoor kitchen, no bathrooms, no plumbing, walking outside to get to some rooms, etc. During the tour, Cooper was exercising his voice. The guide did not like it at all. I bet he doesn't have children!!!

The grounds of the building were beautiful! Right on the Teusch River.
I love huge trees with the spanish moss growing in them. It reminds me of my mission to South Carolina. Actually, walking through this house reminded me A LOT of some of the plantation homes, my service in Lexington at a historical house, the sweet, kind people and of the landscape of the area.
Following the tour, we ate lunch at this shack looking thing on the side of the freeway. Yummy! A seafood platter with almost everything!!! We then drove to the Catholic cathedral in Lafayette. All the cathedrals and Catholic churches we walked through are so stunning and beautiful. All the woodwork, stained glass windows and colors!!!! I'm used to very plain churches. Even the Catholic church in North Logan is plain compared to these beauties! Everything about them is a work of art - Even the graveyards which are all above ground (I assume because of the water levels).

We drove to Grand Coteau and saw the Catholic churches, boarding school, and seminary. So beautiful! On the way back, we stopped at Don's meat and bought some jerky, cracklin (deep fried pig fat), boudin and other goodies! Oh how I love the food in Louisiana!!! We ate more crawfish at Barbara's and Melvin's house for dinner and headed back to Zo's for sleeping.
Zo adored Cooper. She thinks he is just "the best baby. So handsome." Cooper liked Zo and her dog, Jolie. She kept wanting to crawl after Jolie!

On this trip, Cadence was the biggest Daddy's girl. She wanted Chris to hold her all the time and everywhere (except in Grandpa's toyroom and playing the her cousins). She didn't really cuddle up to Zo very much:( She definitely didn't like Jolie and Jolie didn't really like her either! We love Grandma Zo and her stories.

In the morning, we told her good-bye! Dee and Ron made us a large breakfast for our big trip home. Cadence enjoyed playing with Brit on her bed with all the pillows! She could've stayed much longer with her!

Cooper cried everytime he had to get strapped into the carseat! I think he was tired of sitting. I know he will be so happy when he can face forward!

After breakfast, Barbara drove usto New Orleans for another day of sight seeing. My mom had to the damage done by Hurrican Katrina 4 years ago. We drove through the lower ninth ward to see the abandoned neighborhoods and destroyed homes. I didn't take any pictures. I'm not sure why! It was/is sad!

After being depressed, we drove to the tourist area to get some souveneirs (especially a t-shirt) and experience more of what most tourist see/do. Once again, we had to get some more beignets at Cafe Du Monte. While we were waiting, Cadence and I danced to the ladies playing their music on the streets. Cadence felt cool to put money in their basket.

We walked the streets, looked inside the New Orleans Cathedral, admired the artists, and laughed at some of services people were offering on the streets. Neither Chris nor I had our palms read (or any of those type of things.)

Before leaving, we ate more seafood po boys at a sports bar and then headed to the airport! Although Cooper definitely loves me, he wasn't afraid to go to other people and to give hugs for short amount of times. Cadence gave Barbara a hug too!

The kids were really wound up at the airport. Cooper was enthralled with the planes and was telling EVERYONE about his excitement. I know people sitting by us were thinking about how to get him to drink some sedatives or something like that!!! He was LOUD!!! Cadence was crazy and wild! Oh, how silly they are.

However, once we got on the airplane, they both settled down quite a bit and everything was fine! Cooper slept the majority of the way from Houston to Salt Lake and Cadence finally allowed herself to sleep about half way through the flight!

We arrived in Salt Lake about 12:00 midnight to rain and cold:( Chris got lost finding the car. It took him an hour to pick us up. How silly! By the time, we drove my mom to Sandy, swtched carseats and unpacked her stuff and drove to Logan, it was 4am. We crashed, exhausted from a week of traveling, family and fun!



Mindy said...

My goodness. What a fun Vacation!! I too love that tree with moss on it. It is so beautiful!!

So did you run a marathon? My hero!!

Kristina P. said...

How beautiful! I love old architechture.

BTW. Amber told me you never got her cupcakes! She would still love to get them to you!

Lemons said...

Wow! You guys have been seriously busy! What a fun trip! My brother is on a mission in New Orleans, so it was fun to see your pics and think about him too! Hope you guys are well!

Tina said...

Wow. That sounds like quite the trip! But super fun. Glad you had a good time!!

Mary Lampros said...

What great pictures. You're making me homesick! I'm glad you got there for a visit, and that you got a picture with Grandma Zo! Love the name! Cadence's hair looks so pretty in the humidity and Cooper is stunning as always.