Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bridget's Bike

Cadenc has a couple of bikes she likes to ride, although she gets frustrated often due to various things. Usually it is because she has a hard pedaling or isn't steering straight. With Cooper around it is difficult to push her up and down the sidewalk like I did the two spring/summers. This is an example of Chris assisting Cadence while pushing Cooper! Two weeks ago, we wanted to show my friend, Tina, and her daughter, Bridget (Cadence's friend) the Logan River Trail. They met us at the golf course and Bridget brought her bike to ride. She was so nice to let Cadence try out her big-girl bike with training wheels. Of all the bikes that Cadence has, she doesn't have one with training wheels. Cadence was a little nervous, timid and frustrated at first because she had difficulty making the pedal go all the way around. She kept pushing the pedal backwards and thus, the bike would brake.
The second turn, she got a little better with pedalling and seemed to enjoy it a little more. The third turn was a charm. Her pedaling in a complete forward circle improved. Her confidence went up. She was happy and excited! She rode more than a quarter mile on Bridget's bike. She needed a little help up the sight inclines, but otherwise, did fantastic! Cadence was proud of herself!
Cadence will be excited on her birthday when she....(keep this a secret) gets a big-girl bike with training wheels (Thanks to friends who give us hand-me-downs, which we LOVE!). I'm excited to see her cheer when she sees it!!!!


Aaron and crystal said...

Having those precious moments during childhood is what makes life worth while :)

Tina said...

:D That was fun! I really liked that trail, and can't believe I've never been on it in all the years I've lived in this valley. Thanks for taking us. I'm sure Cadence will love her bike!

Tara Bergsjo said...

I bet she will be so happy! Get a good picture of her when she sees it!

Mick and Tiff said...

Isn't she only two? Addy would never be able to even reach let alone figure out a bike with training wheels. We are still on the tricycle phase. Way to go!