Thursday, May 28, 2009

Water Weekend

For Memorial Weekend, we spent a lot of time with water. After irrigating and garage sale-ing, we drove to Don and LuAnn's house on Utah Lake and went boating with Chris' Impact friends (Dale, Debbie, Mandy, Melissa, Kristy and Ryan and kids). This was the first times the kids have been on a waterski boat. They were in heaven watching the water, trying to touch it, taking in the mist and driving the boat.Cadence loved watching the water behind the boat and was intrigued by the banana boat.Unfortunately, it was a little overcast and chilly. Neither Chris nor I participated in the water fun outside of the boat. There is just something daunting to me about it being wet and shivering for hours:( Riding in the boat was tons of fun!!!We stayed at my mom's that night and did church with her the next day. We took the kids to see my dad's grave and did our best to explain death (spirit, body, graves, cemetary, heaven, etc.) to Cadence. This is the first time I have taken her to his grave. It has been 7 1/2 years since he passed away:( Oh how I wish he could meet Chris, Cadence and Cooper and vice versa! Sunday evening was spent at Todd and Lilly's house in Orem. The kids had a lot of fun playing, goofing off and getting into everything. Cadence is so social and Cooper is interacting more and more each day.
Kenny, Justin and Audrey are great playmates for Cadence and Cooper!
On Monday (Memorial Day), we swam in heaven! Literally! Todd's uncle lives in Saratoga Springs and the community pool is water from a hot spring. There was no chlorine and the water was 90 degrees. While Cadence and Cooper don't like to get their faces wet, they love being in the water. (Cadence kept calling it a "big bathtub.") I could enjoy swimming in that kind of pool everyday if it were close to us! It was nice to have my mom along. She definitely helped with all the little bodies that needed close supervision.Chris and Todd fished off the lake and caught some catfish. We bbq'ed some hamburgers and headed home! It was an awesome weekend!This is a cute little sundress/swimsuit cover I made for Cadence!!! I also made the bandana dress she wore in the boat!


Kristina P. said...

Love her little dress!

And I really, really wish we knew someone with a boat.

Jessica said...

Disco my friend!!!! I've been wondering so much about you but just came upon your post again. I have yet to be organized enough to add everyone's blog to mine for easy updates! email me your email address and I can add you to my invite list- we made ours secure. Your family is gorgeous and look so awesome and happy. Lucky people to be yours! Love you- jessica buer