Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Big Nine Months

It's crazy to believe that Cooper in NINE months already. He is growing and changing so quickly! He doesn't seem like a baby anymore because of the skills he is developing!
At his doctor appointment, he weighed 23lbs 4 oz. (90th %ile) and was 90%ile in height. The nurse wrote he was 19 inches tall. He was taller than that a birth so maybe she meant to write he was 29 inches. He is a big boy and is getting heavier everyday. Holding him for long periods of time is definitely giving me a workout!
The most significant skills he has developed this month are signing "eat" and "drink" (they are basically the same sign) and "more" (like a clap). The signs are exact what I sign, but they are deliberate and I know what he is saying. It's so cool that he is communicating his needs and wants so early in other ways than just crying. He won't sign "milk." I keep waiting for him to do that, but it hasn't come yet! He waves to people usually with a verbal or visual cue and claps his hands when someone says "yeah" or claps.
Another big milestone is that Cooper crawls. At first, we would rock upto his knees and arms, but then sat back to his heel. Then he was scooting around the rooms. Finally, he started crawling in Texas at the very end of his 9th month.
He loves the freedom to move around and I don't love it as much - seeing that he gets into everything!!! There are more things to get into and more objects on the ground to put into his mouth! He also started pulling upto furniture and tables. Cooper is a very squirmy boy! Sitting in the pews at church is NOT his favorite activity. He wants to scoot and crawl around. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to take him out (due to him being tired and squirmy.) When he is riding in his stroller, I seatbelt him in because he leans forward and sideways too often. It has saved him from falling out so many times!!!
Cooper survived being sick and endured the breathing treatments. He was quite clingy for most of the month. I don't know if it was related to him being sick or stranger anxiety. I believe it was probably a bit of both. He continues to love his mommy and loves held by her/me!!! He likes Dad and Cadence too, but Mom is his favorite!
Cooper spent many days with his cousins (staying with Sandy's family, East Canyon, Easter, Louisiana and Texas, etc.) He enjoys being around other kids and babies. He is getting very familiar with Grammy and likes her too.
Cooper is enjoying the spring weather, swinging on swings and flying on airplanes. He also is tasting more big people food. There is no big people food that he has tasted that he doesn't enjoy!
Cooper is such a big, happy, handsome boy! We sure love him and are glad he is in our family!


Kristina P. said...

He has just the most amazing eyes!

Camille said...

He's so cute!!! I can't stand it! How do you? ;) Thanks for the cute message from Cadence. We miss you guys, too. I was planning to come, and lost track of the days and I was in the midst of really cleaning my dirty house. It looks so good now, though! I am reorganizing my schedule so that I can be free in Wednesday mornings for park day!!! Thanks, Michelley!