Saturday, May 23, 2009

Duck Time

Now that the weather is warm and dry, duck time is here! Cooper absolutely loves the ducks. I have to keep him strapped into the stroller unless I'm holding him because he tries to crawl to them (in the water.) He jumps up and down when he sees them and kind of has a sign for duck, (I think)!
As usual, Cadence enjoys feeding the ducks too. She is getting more brave and attempts to get close to them. They run away and she doesn't understand why. It also has been really fun the last couple of weeks to see the mommy ducks with their babies. Duck behavior is so interesting. The moms do NOT like other ducks to mess with their babies and they allow the ducklings to eat all the bread we throw to them. However, if the dad (or some male) is around, they take the food away from the babies. They think only of themselves. Hmmmm! Does this sound familiar? Hopefully, not. Anyway, we will enjoy feeding and playing with the duck A LOT this summer.

Cadence has learned many interesting facts about ducks already - especially about poop! She was intrigued and repeats what I tell her to her dad. Sometimes, I don't think she is listening, but she sures suprises me with her knowledge.


Kristina P. said...

Taking kids to feed the ducks is one of my favorite activities. Super cheap, and they love it!

Aaron and crystal said...

Kids are so intelligent ... i think we don't give them enough credit . I think that feeding the ducks is something that every kid should get to do!!!

Mick and Tiff said...

Gardner village to feed ducks is one of my favorites. So easy to entertain! It's fabulous.