Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden Is IN, But Will It Grow?

A couple weeks ago, a guy with a big tractor was going around the neighborhood asking people if they wanted their garden plowed (for a price.) We bit the bullet for a couple of reasons. A few days later, we picked up horse manure from my friend, Mary. The day after that we picked up seeds and starts and I planted a garden. So the seeds and plants are in the dirt/garden, but I don't think it will grow for a couple of different reasons. 1. Our garden didn't produce much last year. The soil is very rocky and some plants have got fungi in the past from the alkaline in the dirt. 2. I wanted the manure to be plowed under/mixed in with the plow, but because we didn't have it, I put some in with the seeds and plants. I'm afraid I over-fertilized and maybe burnt or hurt the seeds and starts. 3. I thought the irrigation water was coming a few days after I planted, but it didn't. The garden area didn't get soaked for about 10 days. I watered it by hand, but that doesn't do as well of a job as irrigation. 4. Because of the large trees on both sides of the garden, it doesn't get as much sun as I wish. Therefore, I don't know if any of the red potato, tomato, zuchinni, croqneck, cucmber, pumpkin, onion, or corn seed or starts will grow!

If it doesn't grow by next week, I may replant somethings and try again. No matter what, I will water the dirt because Cooper has a ball in the water, dirt and mud! He thoroughly enjoys the garden area! I asked Chris to attempt to trim some of the branches of these three big tree clumped together that block some of the sun. Here is Chris on a ladder trimming some of the branches.

While I was inside the house, he just decided to cut down the whole tree:( He was very proud of his destruction! I wasn't!!!
Everyone, pray that our garden DOES grow A LOT of veggies!!! We will share!


Katey said...

Hopefully it will grow...I'm no good at gardening and what not so I wouldn't know the first thing about gardening. Best of luck.

P.S. Thanks for your sweet post about my mom. You're great...and I don't have your email address or any other way to contact you than post on your blog. Email me sometime. kateyteece at gmail dot com. :)

amelia and crew said...

Rocks? I thought they were called nails.

Tara Bergsjo said...

I hope it grows!! That is a lot of hard work, so I hope you get some yummy veggies!!

Aaron and crystal said...

I saw the tree destruction in the front of the yard... wowo good job Chris