Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cereal Necklaces and Popsicles

We have a great little neighborhood - except for the people who speed down the street in front of our house. Cadence hears some of the kids down the street often and wants to play with them. We invited one family of kids over to "swim" in Cadence's pool. My hope is that they would get Cadence to actually sit in the pool. She just likes to fill it with a few inches of water, walk through it occasionally, put toys in the water and dump the water. She LOVES wearing one of her 5 swimsuits right now. Unfortunately, the Coltrin's didn't have the magic I was hoping for. Instead of "swimming," they made cereal necklaces from a bag of Tootie Frooties I bought for a dollar:)
They also ate our summer staple treat - a popsicle. I bought 8 bags of popsicles the other day for only $.88 each. What a deal!

Thanks Charles, Kyah, Chelsea and Crystal for coming to play!


Tara Bergsjo said...

That is to funny that she won't get in the water. Ryan is the opposite, he will play in it even if it is freezing. The girls will but they beg me to add some hot water to the pool, and I usually give in.

Jacqui said...

Very fun idea. I need to be better about inviting neighbors over. I just get so caught up in all that's going on in our little house. We did have a cousin over to play in the pool the other day. And they both do the same thing. Throw the toys out and empty the water. I don't think either one was wet enough to change clothes before lunch. It must be the age.