Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ten Reasons My Husband Is Lucky That I Married Him!!!

A picture of us dancing crazy/kissing at a friend's house on our anniversary.

August 4th was our FOUR year anniversary. It is incredible for me to think that, I, Michelle Larson Johnnie, have been married for FOUR years. I was never going to get married. And then to think that someone can stand being around me and me being around the same person for FOUR years is a miracle. Chris has a lot of patience and I have...changed.

Instead of writing an entry about how blissful our marriage is and how much we are in love with each other, I thought I would write a list about how lucky Chris is that I decided to marry him. This list goes to show what an amazing wife I must be:)

10. I let Chris hang out with other women friends - even when I am not present.
9. Chris chose to attend something other than my graduation ceremony when I got my Master's degree and we are still married.
8. I told Chris to go to sleep at my mom's house in Sandy the night of our anniversary so he wouldn't have to leave Logan at 5:30am to attend a training in Sandy.
7. I shop at garage sales, thrift stores and clearance racks and save our family a lot of money. I love hand-me-downs. In other words, I'm very low maintenance!
6. I let Chris talk me into leaving our house for 4 days only 3 days after Cadence was born.
5. I let Chris bring his HUGE TV (that takes up half of the living room) into the house from the barn.
4. I sleep upstairs with the kids so Chris won't hear them crying and he can get a good nights rest - every night!
3. I encouraged Chris to go fishing in Alaska for a week, two weeks after Cooper was born.
2. I don't expect a big deal made out of our anniversary. No fancy dinner, no gifts. In fact, Chris remembers the date better than I do!!!
1. I love chocolate and him!

Now if that list doesn't make someone know that I love him, they must be very simple-minded. Happy Anniversary to us!!!
For our anniversary, we ate dinner at our friends', Scott and Karen Jackson's, house. They put on fun dance music and we danced like crazy. Cadence is the little energizer bunny. She just keeps on going!!!Cadence liked their yard. She feed the fish in their pond and loved walking across the bridges that span the little stream running through their yard.
Cooper slept most of the time through everything - even the loud music. He loves to sleep!!!


THE LEMONS said...

Happy Anniversary guys! I was browsing around Veda's blog and found the awesome Johnnie family! I was so excited! I didn't know you had little Cooper, I think Cadence was about 1 year old last I saw you guys! We hope all is going well! Drop us a line if you get a chance! Your kids are BEAUTIFUL!
Love ya!
Heidi (Prince) Lemon

Tina said...

This made me laugh! Happy Anniversary!

amelia - paul - fran said...

Holy Moly! I just got caught up on your blog. Congratulations, you two. Thanks for being such great friends to us!

Camille said...

Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people... Cadence and Cooper! Without an anniversary, they wouldn't be here! :) Hope you and Chris had a nice day, too. hee hee

Tara Bergsjo said...

Happy anniversary! You two are both wonderful people!!

Shawn & Veda said...

Congratulations! You are a beautiful couple with two adorable kids! Chris gave me the link to the blog and I have been keeping up with it,but have been lazy on commenting. It's really fun to read and a nice to way to keep up everyone. The house looks amazing. It looks alot different than when we visited 3 1/2 years ago. Hope we can see you the next time we are in Logan.
Here is the link to our blog

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Happy anniversary to 2 of the coolest people ever. I am so glad Chris found you Michelle. You are a great pair and you make beautiful babies!

Kylee said...

You guys are awesome! Happy anniversary!

Jennie said...

what a lucky guy!

happy anniversary!

zeebee said...

oh you know there will be some teasing from Jonas about the whole sleeping upstairs thing! j/k
Happy Anniversary you two, we love ya!

Kimberleigh said...

Michelle, you are incredible. Chris is SO lucky!! Happy Anniversary! And I think you are an INCREDIBLE mommy! You have the patience of Job and the spirit of the energizer bunny! You rock!

Kim said...

Ha! That's funny. You are pretty amazing, Chris should be oh so grateful. Happy Anniversary!