Friday, August 29, 2008

My Pathetic Garden

This year, the garden is nothing short of pathetic. I'm wondering if I can even call it a garden! Between getting off to a bad start,not fertilizing the dirt, only watering once a week and having a baby, it has suffered greatly. If neglecting a garden were a crime, I would be in jail at the current time! This is a picture of the garden. (No, Cadence does not have a disease on her face. This is when she painted her face.)
It is the end of August and we are finally getting a few (and I mean a few) vegetables. Here is a picture of 2 eggplants and 1 pepper. How exciting!!! (This could be considered a "Find the veggie" game.)

Cadence likes to pick the cherry tomatoes. She doesn't always pick the ripe red ones. If she eats one that isn't ripe, she knows it by the taste and spits it out with a funny look on her face!

Usually, when I plant this many tomato plants, there are hundred of ripe tomatoes much earlier than now. I am going to pick the first ripe tomato tomorrow. I'm making BLT for dinner:)

Look closely! There is one crockneck squash growing! There is a zuchinni that has just started to grow.

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Kimberleigh said...

At least you even TRIED to grow one this year--WHILE PREGNANT! I couldn't muster up the energy to move off the couch this spring, so we have NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH...maybe next year. Tennyson REALLY missed it (I get reminded of it daily). :)