Friday, August 15, 2008

Freezing Buns in the Summer

Chris is the Young Men's President in our ward. There are only 3 young men, but they still have fun activities. Yesterday for the combined YM/YW activity, they chose to go ice blocking at the park up on Cliffside. Ice blocking is where you get a block of ice, put a towel on top of it and slide down a steep, grassy hill. It is summertime sledding, but a little safer.

Chris was in the first group to slide down the hill.

After Cadence watched everyone take their turn, she thought it looked like fun and wanted to go down too. She sat on Dad's lap.
They rode safely together until the bottom when the ice slipped from beneath Chris. He just kept on going down the wet hill and wet his pants. (Not peed his pants!!!)

Then I decided to take a run down the hill.

Being the big girl that Cadence is, she wanted to go "all by myself." Being the good mother that I am, I held her on an ice block and ran down the long, steep hill bending over - FOUR times. Gratefully, I wasn't pregnant. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made it down without rolling head over heels. The young women displayed screams of excitement and fun. As Cadence slid down the hill, she thought she should copy them. It was a funny and silly scream that was very forced!

Cadence loved it! She thinks she is the queen of all the world (which basically she is.)
SIDE NOTE #1 - They ate lunch (sloppy joes) before ice blocking. Cadence devoured the meat. She has eaten the leftovers for every meal since the activity - breakfast, lunch and dinner - and she wants it cold with no bun.
SIDE NOTE #2- The infamous Chuck E. Cheese sticker finally came off while she was sliding. We were such proud parents that it was finally off!!! Now Cadence won't let us scrub her arm to get the glue off:(
Cooper slept through the whole activity!!!


Tara Bergsjo said...

Looks like fun! I have never tried that before. You are a good mom to help her down the hill so she could go all by herself!

Kimberleigh said...

You guys are so active! I love your energy! I miss mine! :) What a fun thing!! And bummer about Cadence's goose egg! I'm dying to float the canal too, but no one has taken me yet!

Camille said...

So fun! Poor Cadence and that bump! Man! I can't believe school is starting, and I have no Cadence coming every morning so say, "Hi Mille!"

Jacqui said...

You'll have to ask Chris if the first time ice blocking was in our student ward. I was the coordinator of that first activity after Maurice was put in as Bishop. I think I need to take my little family for Family Home Evening. Where did you guys go?

Melissa and Kyle Rodemack said...

Looks like you guys had fun ice blocking! That's one of my favorite things! :) Where did you go around here?