Monday, August 25, 2008

My Favorites?

So my friend Lilly tagged me with the following post and in filling it out, I realize how very boring I am. I also re-realize that I am one of the most indecisive people alive. As I attempted to identify "my favorite...," I noticed that I don't have anything that is a favorite. I think it drives Chris crazy. I tend to always think the answer to most things is "It depends." I don't really watch TV or movies or listen to the radio much. I don't do much of anything, but think about making my kids and husband happy. So the following is a list of favorites for the brief moment that I wrote them down.

My favorite color: Blue
My favorite movie: The Wiggles (that what we seem to watch most these days)
My favorite TV show: The Olympics and the news (We just got TV last week!)
My favorite song: Church primary songs
My favorite restaurant: Korean BBQ
My favorite vacation spot: Snowbird
Favorite indulgence: Eating anything with sugar or eating out
My favorite snack: popsicles
My favorite season: Summer
My favorite dessert: Anything cold - especially ice cream

Anyone who wants to do this tag, can.


Todd and Lilly Corbett said...

Hey Michelle, I left a poll on our blog. Love to know your opinion because like I said we have absolutely NO idea what we are going to name this poor girl! Maybe that is what she is waiting for! Anyway, I love looking at your posts!

Tara Bergsjo said...

You are not a boring person! You are awesome!! We don't watch the wiggles very much. We watch more Clifford or Hello Kitty. Yes, Ryan really likes Hello Kitty!

Tina said...

Korean BBQ??? We should totally go sometime! I've been wanting Bolgogie (probably slaughtered the spelling) lately. I haven't been able to convince Dave that he wants to try it though... lol!
Maybe we could try for a double date sometime. Or just another play date. Too bad they don't have the soft play. hahaha..