Monday, August 4, 2008

Leaking, Squating and a Fire Hose

I love body fluids!!! They make life so interesting. What would life, motherhood and children be without these?!?

First, I am breastfeeding Cooper and I am so glad that I do. It is healthy for him. It saves a ton on money and is convenient. Sometimes, though, it can be the cause for embarrassment (if I let it be.) Just one example! Becky, a lady from Nigeria, got baptized in our ward last week. They asked me to say the closing prayer. Gladly, I obliged. When it was my turn to pray, I walked to the front of the 40 people in attendance feeling fine and prayed. After I said "Amen," one of my good friends looked at me with a surprised expression and whispered, "You sprang a leak!" I glanced down, and sure enough, there was a nice, large, wet spot on my shirt. Lovely!!! Sometimes breast pads just don't do the job well enough. I should have been more embarrassed, but I picked up Cooper and held him over the wet spot and laughed!!! Unfortunately, this is not the only example of the leaking dilemma.

Next, Cadence has demonstrated some regression in many areas, but especially in potty training. She was almost completely potty trained a month ago and now we are starting over, but with some stubbornness from her to do it. She doesn't like a wet or poopy diaper so she has started a very interesting habit. Cadence has figured out how to create a small opening between her leg and the elastic around it when she needs to tee-tee. Somehow, she squats where she is and the pee runs either down her leg or drops to the floor. The wierdest thing about this strange behavior is that somehow she can 'squat' without getting pee on her shorts if they are loose shorts. The other day, we were picking up the kids pictures from JC Penney and I look over to see the beautiful Cadence squating in the middle of the walkway with a fluid dripping from between her legs. The ladies walking past starting laughing. Like any good mother, I stood over the puddle smiling while I instructed my mother, who gratefully happened to be with me, to run get some paper towels from the restroom. We cleaned it up and went about our day. No pee on Cadence's clothes or in her diaper!

Lastly, changing a boy is much different than a girl. I've heard stories about how they pee when one changes them I've discovered this is true. However, it is a bit different than I what I imagined. I visualized a little stream squirting an inch in the air. Cooper is NOT our "little squirt." He is a FIREHOSE. I think he made a pact with someone to see how far he could shoot his pee. I change him on a blanket and he shoots off it. It goes above his head, his me in the shirt and pants, etc. He is truly amazing and skilled. One time, he peed three times and squirted me with a yellow cottage cheese-type mixture in the midst of one diaper change!!! We love Cooper. He had his first blowout on Sunday. I am so glad he waited almost a month before he started that craziness.


Tina said...

Oh wow! The blowouts I don't miss. But Cadences pee squatting act had me laughing pretty hard. I can't believe she figured that one out. ha! The things kids do. Hopefully she'll start becoming interested in the potty again soon!

P.S. My sister swears by a nursing pad called "Lily Pads" - I've never tried them, be she claims that they never leak.

Cortney Chambers said...

this is so my life! i find myself talking about spit up and poopy diapers way too much!

Tara Bergsjo said...

Okay that is to funny! That little girl of yours is so cute and she makes me laugh!!

Jacqui said...

Oh...I feel for you. I learned to be very fast in the diaper change. I still lost the battle most of the time. Good luck with Cadence. We too have regressed a little. While I was at girls camp, Braxton averaged 3-5 accidents a day. I was very happy to take break and hang out with crazy spastic 12 year olds.

We are THAT Family said...

Can I just say I LOVE that you posted that picture! Classic THAT family moment-happened to me once on an AIRPLANE!