Saturday, August 2, 2008

Houseshopping With Mom

While my mom was staying with us when Cooper was born, she got this idea that she might want to retire to Logan. This is her last year of teaching school. Chris and I have been telling her for a couple of years to move here when she sells her big house and yard due to the fair price of real estate, the beauty of the valley, the fun community and of course, US. We had already looked at one senior community and talked to some other people about a different one. The day after she mentioned this, we drove around to Shadow Mountain Estates and looked at the houses for sale. She really liked it. It is up in Cliffside and by a large park and the mountains. The day after, we toured the houses since there was an open house and toured some other houses in Nibley. Mom really liked one house and we do too. We will see what happens in the coming months!!!

Whether Mom chooses to move here or not is her choice. Cadence would love to have Grammy close-by and so would we. We hope she chooses Logan. However, we want her to be happy with whatever she decides. What I want for her for more than anything to find a new husband that treats her kindly and loves her. Does anyone know any decent single retired men who would want to get married? Let me know!

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Tina said...

You were telling me about this. Whatever became of the crazy rich neighbor friend that likes to buy up random properties??