Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last Summer Outing

How sad it is to think that the summer is coming to an end. For me, it seems a little longer since I am not going back to school/my job. However, I know the days are getting shorter, the temperature a few degrees cooler and the older kids are school shopping.

My mom had to use her time share at East Canyon or lose it. So our family went up along with Grammy, Sandy, McKinley, Maddie, Tammie, Sydney, Cole and Jeff for our last summer outing.
Cadence made huge improvements in her reaction to water and swimming. This is the first time this summer that Chris and I have got in the pool with her. The good news is I fit in my swimsuit from last summer. The bad news is that it wasn't pretty. I still have a lot of weight to lose because swimsuits stretch A LOT!!!

Cadence went in the "big pool" willingly and had a lot of fun. We put the floatation device we bought for her birthday to good use. We named it the "motorboat." Cadence was the motor by kicking in the water.
She acted so bravely and acted totally different with us than she has with the other family members who have taken her swimming. Cadence was happy when we let go of her and the boat. She wasn't clingy even when we were carrying her around and jumping and swimming in the big pool without a floatation device.

Cooper even got wet. I stuck his feet in the water! He likes being the sun as long as the sun isn't in his eyes.
Cadence has so much fun with her cousins and they are so cute with her and Cooper. Besides swimming, they had fun playing on the playground and swings.

They also built a small dam in the river.

The adults enjoyed a couple games of the family favorite - SETTLERS- and a new game, speed scrabble. We all stuffed ourselved silly with treats, Cafe Rio wannabe salad burritos and more junk food.

With gas prices around $4.00 a gallon, Mom's staycation timeshares (Snowbird, Park City and East Canyon) are so nice. Thanks Mom (and Dad) for having timeshares that the family can enjoy together. Hanging out with the family is so "COOL."


Tara Bergsjo said...

That looked like a lot of fun. And you looked great!

zeebee said...

I have to agree with Cooper's t-shirt, he is pretty cool! You are lookin' pretty hot yourself, Michelle! Sounds like a fun outing.