Friday, August 29, 2008

The Next Picasso OR Tattoo Artist?

I introduced Cadence to paint today! She LOVED it! It was like magic. The paint, the water, the paper - what a combination! At first, she was fascinated by just painting on the paper.
Cadence accidentally got a little paint on her face. Then, I made a really silly choice. I painted whiskers and a nose on her face. Amazed that she looked like a cat, Cadence kept looking into the mirror and smiling!!! She thought that was totally cool!

So Cadence decided to paint her own face. She had so much fun and was very PROUD of her work. She wanted to show everyone and wanted me to take lots of pictures.
We went outside to play and she hoped that people would walk by so she could show them her artistic creation on her face. When we came back in, Cadence wanted to paint some more masterpieces. She chose a few different surfaces on which to paint - more paper, her fingers, hands, feet and legs. She even had to get down on the floor in order to paint more effectively! This is final result of her body art.

Time will tell in which direction she takes her talent. Will she choose to be a Picasso and paint on the usual surfaces or will she choose to be a tattoo artist? I am praying for the Picasso!!!


Ker-Dog and the gang said...

You are such a good mom for letting her creativity flow! If she decides on the tattoo artist route she should come to Hawaii...everyone has tattoos.

Kimberleigh said...

Awesome mom, you! I love the swimming pics too! Too much fun. Love you tons!

zeebee said...

Michelle, you are such an example of what a good mom would do, I am afraid of making messes on my kids bodies, but that was so worth it, it sounds like Cadence had so much fun!