Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Infamous Chuck E. Cheese Sticker

Two weeks ago, Cooper, Cadence and I went to Chuck E. Cheese while Chris was in Alaska. They gave me a sticker to put on Cooper that matched the stamp on my hand so I could leave with him. As we left, Cadence wanted the sticker! No big deal. A sticker is like a band-aid. She loves to wear them. So we put it on her arm. I thought it would come off in a day or two - especially since we were going swimming. I was WRONG!!! Here it is over two weeks later - and two trips swimming, and many baths later - and part of it is still attached. Cadence won't let us touch it, let alone try to remove it. She LOVES it!!! In all the pictures of the last two weeks, Cadence has a beautiful Chuck E. Cheese sticker on her arm. The glue on some parts have discolored her skin -hopefully not for good. I'm just praying that the skin won't start growing around the sticker and that it won't become a permanent part of her body!!!
Cadence assisted me in making a whipped cream/jello salad for dinner. She is licking the lid. NOTICE THE STICKER!

Cadence feeding the baby goats at the fair. NOTICE THE STICKER!

Cadence showing off her muscles. NOTICE THE STICKER (and how beautiful in blue she is)!

Cooper and Cadence in orange! NOTICE THE STICKER!

Ok, so you get the idea! This sticker is a part of her. Hopefully, it will come off soon and the glue with fade away! (This was a great post of random cute pictures!)


Bamamoma said...

Too funny. Cooper is getting so big so fast!

Tara Bergsjo said...

Very cute post!