Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Swimming Sensation

At the beginning of the summer, Cadence was very afraid of the water. At Snowbird, she stayed on the steps of the pool and clung VERY tightly when Grammy or her cousins would attempt to take her off the steps. Chris and I didn't swim at all this summer - until last week. Between East Canyon, two invitations to swim at the Logan Aquatic Center, and a swim party for Thomas Fredrickson all within 10 days, our family got many opportunities to swim lately.

All it took was for Chris or I to get into the pool with Cadence to watch her come alive and turn into a water bug. She LOVES to swim now. She got much braver every time we went swimming. She will now stand in water upto her neck by herself.

When water touches her face, she says, "That's not scary. That's funny." She even went down the big water slide (which was SO SLOW that Chris had to push his way down) with Dad. Cooper just puts his feet in the water. I get nervous about immersing his whole body in water when Cadence's teeth were chattering. She would get so cold that she could barely talk, but REFUSED to get out.

Cadence likes to paddle like a dog and kick like a fish. She also loved the hot tub which she called "hot pool." When waking up every morning last week, she would ask her usual first question, "Where's Daddy?" and then would ask if she could get her swimsuit on and go swimming. She loves her swimsuits (and would go in the potty all the time if I let her wear her swimsuit all the time. She wont pee in her swimsuit!)

The funny thing is that she still wont get in little pool at home. She will get it out and fill it with water, but doesn't want to play in it! It looks like next year we will have to get the big pool that Chris' brother gave us two years ago!!!


Tara Bergsjo said...

That is relly neat that she loves swimming now. And that is to cute that she won't pee in her swimsuit if you let her stay in it all day! Ryan would not go for that. She is so cute and she is getting so big!!

Veda said...

It looks like y'all have been having lots of fun! Chris looks like such a cute Dad. I can't believe how long it's been I have seen you guys.

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

seriously 3 glorious sides? that is awesome! She is too cute and definitely SMART! I say leave her in the swimming suit all day...I'm all about doing what works, especially when it comes to potty training!