Wednesday, August 12, 2009

24TH OF July

The 24th of July was diverse this year. First, we started out by attending the huge parade in downtown...Logan. It is actually the perfect size. We don't have to camp out. They throw candy. It lasts about 30 minutes. We can park a block away. The kids get to see some fancy floats with princesses (beauty queens) and there are lots of advertisements.

Cadence had so much fun with Sadie. The rednecks neighbors sat next to us. Even though it wasn't the 4th of July, I dress Cadence up in a flag bandana dress and I gave one to Sadie to wear. They LOOKED ADORABLE! And everyone sitting on the streets said so:) (I sell these dress/shirts for $10 if you are interested. They start as a dress at 12mo and turn into a shirt as the child grows older - until about 8yrs.)
They enjoyed gathering candy, waving to the people on floats, jumping up and down and just being stinkin' cute!
At the end of the parade, Cadence said, "That was so fun. Can we do it again?" Next year!!!!! Cooper had a lot of fun too! He liked the few horses, dogs and the little bits of candy I let him taste!
We headed down to Liberty Park in Salt Lake to meet some of Chris' former roommates for fireworks. This was definitely a different atmosphere than what we would have found in Logan. Talk about REDNECKS!!! Half the men weren't wearing shirts. Half the women had cleavage hanging out and were without bras. Chris kept asking me if I wanted boobs that big? Tatoos everywhere. Mullets. Missing teeth. Smoking abundant. Drinking. Same gender couples cuddling near us. A very diverse crowd - not my favorite idea for a family outing. Our "favorite" people were the snake people who set up shop a few blankets over from us. Hords of people came to pet and hold these long snakes all night. Our blankets were walked over many times.There's nothing more settling than having 5 ft long pythons and constrictors a few feet away from someone (like me) that doesn't like snakes.

Despite the varied company around us, we still had fun. Todd and Lily and Chris' other former roommate and family (I forgot their names already:() met us there.
The other family had the cutest little boy with Down Syndrome! Oh, how I love people with Downs!!!!
We blew bubbles - lots of them. Enjoyed the glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets.
Cadence's favorite part was rolling down the big hill and playing with a sparkler. She was super brave!!!The fireworks were great, but unfortunately overshadow by the bizarre night of cigarette smoke, and shading the kids eyes from the crowd. I don't think we will be going back to Liberty Park for fireworks again.


Kristina P. said...

The kids look like they're having the greatest time!

Marketing said...

Wow you are a better woman than I .. I would have high tailed it away from this snakes. No pictures for me :)
I always find it frustrating when we are in public and are SURROUNDED by cigarette smoke.

Miranda said...

We almost went to Liberty Park on the 24th with Frank's family! I'm kinda glad we didn't go...looks really really really crowded and cigarette smoke gives me a headache!