Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy Morning Ward Campout

Our ward had a campout last weekend and Cadence has been begging to go to camping so we went for it. It was up Logan Canyon, by Bear Lake and the sinks (Swan Flats). After cooking tin foil dinners, we roasted marshmallows. I love smores!!! Apparently, so does the infamous Katie Gardner!
Cadence likes to eat marshmallows - not roasted. It was fun to talk with our fellow ward family.
Cadence's and Cooper's favorite thing was driving the truck on a bumpy dirt road. Dad let them steer and Cadence was in heaven!!! She was also thrilled because we let her sit up front in the truck and NOT WEAR A SEATBELT (on the dirt road)!!! Oh, the delight!!!

Cooper and Cadence also thought playing and sleeping in a tent was the bomb. Diving and jumping into the sleeping bags, pillows and blankets could have occupied them for hours!
In the morning, we woke up to rain! Lots of it! Cadence didn't want to get we wrapped her up very well:) She decided she could get a little wet and put on her jacket.
Despite the rain, the Elder's Quorum Presidency made a yummy dutch oven breakfast (potatoes, eggs, bacon mush). After driving on the bumpy road again, we headed home! We got to set the tent up again to let it dry out and clean it! Camping was FUN!!!


Kristina P. said...

We haven't gone camping once this year. I need Smores!

Aaron and crystal said...

I think that is ths shortest camping trip that I have ever taken .... I was not a fan of the rain that morning.