Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Sibling Friendship Pictures

I take so many photos of the kids. They are just too cute. I have to "capture" everything they do!!! I wish I could capture everything they say. These are a few photos I've taken of them together recently. The bigger and more able Cooper becomes, the better friends they become. He is turning into a great playmate for Cadence!!!

Some mornings they wake up in the same bed together!!! So cute!
Cooper is starting to love to ride Cadence's bikes. He climbs on them and all around them. Lately, he has started using his feet to push himself down the sidewalk!!!
I was trying to get "model" pictures of them at this fun, old building at a park. Neither of them wanted to be models. They just wanted to slide, swing and play. Go figure!!! Cooper usually wakes up before Cadence. He likes to go in a wake her up by climbing on the bed and hugging/kissing/putting his face on her. She usually will give him a hug! So sweet!!!
It is great having kids who are friends and can play together. I hope that as they grow older, their love and friendship will continue to grow too! I would love for them to be better friends with each other than I was with my siblings!!!


Ker-Dog and the gang said...

I love the picture of them in the doorway of the old building. It is classic.

Jaime said...

Hi there,
This is Jaime over at The Dress-up Drawer and you are a WINNER!
Please visit our blog and contact me with your info.

Melissa and Kyle said...

Cute, cute kids! They look like they are the best of friends!