Friday, August 14, 2009

5-yr Anniversary, 26th Ward Friends and Bow Fishing

Chris attended the infamous (or so the former members of it think) Logan 26th ward for a couple of years before we met. They had a lot of parties, many laughs and a good ol' time all the time. It wasn't like a ward I ever attended. They still have parties and reunions even though it has been well over 6 years since this ward was full of party animals. I was told by a former bishop that Chris was the "epicenter of parties." We attended a reunion for this ward last week held at Megan and Wayland(?) house. Very nice, fun house on 12 acres. The food was fantastic. I love potlucks!!! Forget about the meat and let me eat all the sides and dessert! After dinner, there was so many fun things for the kids and adults to do. Chatting, Trampoline, sand box, swing set, slide, shooting 22's, clay pigeons, etc. I shot my first .22 and didn't really love it. I really like the people from this ward. I can tell why they had so much fun together as young crazy people.
A couple days later was our 5 year anniversary. Can you believe I liked someone for over 5 years? I can't. Chris is very patient to be with me this long. We didn't do much to celebrate as I don't like to make a big deal out of anniversaries. We took the kids to Sizzler because we had a coupon for 2 steak dinners for $11. The kids ate free. Since we don't eat out much, Cadence talked a lot about eating at "the restaurant."
For our anniversary, Chris had planned to take me bow fishing (he got this crazy idea when we were at Megan's), but it didn't work out that night. So a week later, we went back to the ranch for pizza and fun. They have so many fun toys with which we played. Cadence and Riley rode the 4-wheeler. Even though she was apprehensive, Cadence rode around the house a couple of times holding on for dear life.
Cooper drove the Razor (or some cool contraption) with the other kids including Weyland. He's naked again because he had an huge blowout caused by an apricot binging session! We drove down to the river in a different neat toy. I don't know what these are all called, but they would be so fun to have.For our date, Chris took his bow and I took a fishing pole and we waded up the mossy river shooting at fish. (I hope this is not illegal. If it is, please don't turn us in!!!) He has gotten too many ideas from those hunting movies or redneck shows. He didn't hit any fish, but was close. It was very enjoyable to have an hour without the kids being young and adventurous again.
Thanks Megan and Weyland for letting us play!


Aaron and crystal said...

Bow Fishing. Wow!!! That looks interesting. I love to go out for anniversaries. I think that it is awesome that you guys got some much needed time to yourselves.

zeebee said...

Michelle, we are celebrating your 5year anniversary by sending Jasmine to Kindergarten, can you believe it??? I too can't believe it has been that long. You are an amazing blogger, every time I come visit I have missed soooo much!!! We miss you guys.

brooke said...

Congrats on your anniversary! That was quite the Sizzler deal you found. I love checking out your blog, Michelle, it looks like your cute family is always having so much fun. Cadence sure has a cute personality!

Jennie said...

the reunion was very fun! thanks for coming!

and.. happy anniversary! time sure flies when you are having fun!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

I love the 26th ward! I'm bummed we missed a party! Chris was definitely the center of all the fun of the 26th ward!

Mel said...

Michelle- we have not met but Chris and I were good friends in the 26th ward more than 13 years ago. I'm glad the two of you found each other. So, you must be a spec ed teacher? I have a 5 year old deaf son with cerebral palsy. I have great admiration for those who choose and love to teach in that area. I love your blog. Cute cute family!