Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finger Painting

As I've written before, Cadence and now Cooper love to paint. It usually starts with them painting on the paper and then the creativity spreads to their bodies. I just decided to get that "spreading" stuff over with and gave them fingerpaints! Best time ever!!! I put on the aprons I bought at the dollar store, but that still didn't keep Cooper paint-free. He wanted to stick his whole hand in the paints and was so upset when I tried "helping" him.Cadence loves to paint almost everything abstract monochromatic (one color). I encourage her to use more than one color, but she doesn't heed my counsel often. Am I impeding her creativity by attempting to get her to use lots of color and actually making her paintings look like something?
Cooper really doesn't want to paint on paper. He just wants to get paint everwhere and does NOT want to be told her shouldn't or can't. He is definitely developing a mind of his own with his stubbornness!!!

Gotta love finger paint!

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Tara Bergsjo said...

fun messy times! My kids LOVE to paint to!