Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Joys of Lagoon!!!

Two weeks ago (I'm always behind these days), we took the kids to Lagoon. Cadence was so excited after riding the ride at the county fair. Every time we would pass Lagoon going to Grammy's house, we would tell her about it. We finally went the last week it was open. Luckily, it was 2 for 1 day so the price was somewhat reasonable. As we were waiting in line for tickets, Cadence and Cooper watched the white roller coaster and bounced in their stroller seats with excitement and awe. Cooper kept waving and yelling his "hello" to the people.
We hit the kiddie rides first and both kids loved them. Heaven!!! Cadence loved the swings. Cooper thought anything with a steering wheel was super cool. He loved driving the cars with Cadence and by himself.
I couldn't believe how much the kids LOVED the boats. The bell was the thrill of the ride. Cadence started ringing it before the ride started and didn't stop until it was over.
They went on every flying ride there was multiple times. I thought Lagoon might be really crowded because it was the last week and it was 2 for 1, but the kids got on rides within one ride of standing it line. It was awesome. VERY LITTLE WAITING!!!
Cadence was very brave. She went on just about every ride that she was allowed on for her height, even the Tidal Wave. She thought it was funny when her tummy was tickled!!! She even got mad when she wasn't allowed some of the rides (that went upside down) because she was too short. She will tell you that when she turns 5, she should be big enough to ride them! Cooper went on almost every ride he was allowed on also. We were a little nervous at first because he doesn't hold still, loves to climb and wiggles himself loose from seatbelts, but he stayed put and didn't fall or crawl off any moving rides:) He came out alive!!! I don't think Cooper liked the little dragon kid roller coaster, but he didn't cry. His face was just funny to look at because of his expression. Neither kid cried on any ride:)
I should mention that miracles never cease. We haven't been able to find any shoes that Cooper will keep on. The day before Lagoon, we went on a hunt for shoes for Cooper that he couldn't pull off and found some at Payless. They are high-tops that lace up the front and zip up the side!!! Yes, he wore shoes to Lagoon. They look so handsome on him!!! At first, I don't think he liked them, but he got use to them.
After lunch, we decided to cool off at Lagoon-A-Beach. The lazy river was my favorite part. The kids had fun splashing and running aroung in the water. Cadence even was getting her face wet. Once again, NO Tears!!! The tubes were a big hit. They couldn't get enough of playing on them. Chris went on one big slide. I didn't go on any. Life at amusement parks and water parks is much different when you have two little kids. It was still so fun. Cooper was so exhausted by the end of this (3pm) that he fell asleep on the lazy river:) Not even the cold water from a sprayer woke him up!!! (The computer turned this upside down and I don't know how to turn it right side up.)After the water park, we rode many of the "big people" rides. Cadence loved the dinosaur drop. Dad didn't!!!!The "big" rides were a little more crowded, but it was worth waiting in some lines for the kids to experience the fun. We rode the ferris wheel and loved the view!

They both liked the sky ride.
After we hit the big rides, we took the kids back to the little kid rides to ride again. No lines on those. We arrived at 11am and left at 10pm. It was a day packed with fun!!! Cadence keeps talking about when she is 5..... Even though Chris nor I were able to ride on the super cool rides we hear about (samurai, wicked, etc.), Lagoon was a blast! Little kids make most things so much more exciting! We will definitely be back next year!!!


Sue said...

What fun! Will loved Lagoon last year. We didn't go this year. I can't believe how well Cooper did on the rides. It makes me want to go again so that Lincoln can enjoy the rides this time.

Tara Bergsjo said...

We love Lagoon! It is a great place for family fun!!