Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Bath Like NO other!!!

The other night, I took the best bath of my life. I'm not joking!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. In our "new house," both bathrooms have eagle/bearclaw tubs. They are cute to look at, but taking a bath in them is an amazing experience. I could almost swim in the tub. I stretched my legs out and didn't have to bend my knees. I could even lay back and still not have to bend at the knees. It seemed like the tub is two feet tall. I am so excited to take baths every night for the rest of my days in this house!!! Cadence loves the baths too!!! She really was swimming in it. If you ever want to experience a "real" bath, give me a call and you can come take a bath at my house!!!

I won't put pictures of myself taking a bath because that would make us both cry, but I will attach pictures of both bathrooms!!!

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Kimberleigh said...

AWESOME!!! I love these tubs!! How extremely cool! Wowwie, wow, wow, girl!! You've got changes o plenty happening in your life! Congrats on all of them. Your house is looking amazing. How fun and how appropriate that you get to move upstairs!! Bless ya! I love ya!