Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Maddie Gets Baptized!

Saturday, my niece, Maddie got baptized. She looked beautiful and clean in her white dress. We love Maddie and her special, kind, loving spirit. Everything went very well. Excited to be with all her cousins, especially Cole, Cadence had a difficult time paying attention to the talks. Instead she wanted to play peek-a-boo with the cousins sitting behind her. She had a little too much fun and bonked her chin as she popped up and down on the benches.
Cadence wore her new favorite dress given to her by Breelle, her cousin.
Cadence also lifted her right hand when Maddie was being baptized - just like Russ, Maddie's dad who was in the process of baptizing her:) She loves to copy what everyone else is doing.
After the baptism, the whole family went back to Russ and Sandy's house for BBQ beef sandwiches, salads, chips and of course, dessert (which included Cadence's favorite of the day - Chocolate.)

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