Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trimming The Trees

One of the trees in our yard has a large branch that has a split in it. The problem is it is way over our heads even on a ladder. We tried trimming it last year and couldn't get to it. When I got home from Snowbird, the bottom of the branch was hanging low and obviously needed to be cut. Luckily, while we were at Grammy's a week ago, Chris noticed a small chainsaw on a pole for tree trimming. Even with the ladder and the extension pole, Chris could barely reach where it needed to be cut. There are still some branches that need to be cut that we can't reach.

After the largest branch fell, Chris cut it up with an axe and all three of us dragged the smaller branches back behind the garden. Cadence loves to assist with almost every project in which we are involved. She dragged her share of little branches to where they needed to go.

Yes, even at 8 1/2 months pregnant I still like to do yardwork.

Cadence, of course, had to climb up the ladder "by myself" and sit at the top. Luckily, she let Dad stand on the ladder while she was sitting. She is such a climber!!!

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