Thursday, June 19, 2008

Snowbird - Swimming, Sisters, and a Sprain!

Every year since before I can remember, my family has had a time share at Snowbird the third week of June. This year, while Chris was at work, Cadence and I enjoyed being at the mountain resort. Cadence thoroughly loved being with her cousins (Maddie and McKinley) and swimming. She also loved eating all the treats Grammy brought. Russ and Sandy, Kelsie and Sierra were at girls' camp so they only were able to spend a couple of hours on Sunday with us. Tammie and Jeff, Sydney and Cole spent Saturday and Sunday at Snowbird due to Sydney's dance recital later on in the week. Cadence is a great swimsuit model. She had 4 hand-me-down swimsuit she wore! Why can't all swimsuit model be as modest and beautiful as Cadence?

Since I didn't feel like getting in a swimsuit, Grammy took Cadence to the 'Mom & Tot' swim class. Cadence learned to splash on herself to different verses of the "The Wheels on the Bus," blow a ball above the water (even though she was supposed to blow it in the water), climb out and jump into the pool, kick and paddle. She wasn't ready to put her face in the water yet, but made great progress as far as not being as afraid of the water by the end of the week.

Cadence and Maddie loved karaoke hour. They both got up three times (together). They sang YMCA, Old MacDonald and I already forgot the other song. Cadence wouldn't start until the words were on the screen. She really knew what was going on and sang very well into the microphone. She was the star of the karaoke.

Cadence loved acting like Maddie and McKinley were her big sisters. She always wanted to know where they were if they weren't in her sight. After we came home, she kept talking about them. She loves her Grammy too!

McKinley was such a big help in the pool. Cadence trusted her tremendously. When McKinley would back away from Cadence and get out of her reach, Cadence would say in the sweetest voice, "Come back to me please." Cadence actually let McKinley assist her in floating on her back.

Another cute picture of the swimsuit model named Cadence.

This was about as close as I got to swimming. I really didn't want to get in a swimsuit and I was nervous about all the chemicals and germs in the pool (even though my doctor says there is nothing to worry about), but I do have to admit that I almost ran down the canyon to buy something so I could go to the Mom & Tot class and play with Cadence. She was just having so much fun.

The girls in the pool!!! They went swimming twice a day for probably about 3 hours combined each day. Nobody got sunburned badly because we used a lot of sunscreen.

Cadence cuddled up in bed with Maddie and McKinley even though she slept with me every night. We all stayed up late watching movies and having fun!

On Sunday, which was Father's Day, Chris was able to spend the day with us. We attended church on the balcony of the Snowbird center. We could hear the birds and river in the background. It was one hour and very heavenly. Dad sat in the pool with Cadence with a few minutes before he had to go home. His Father's Day present was being with us girls, a baby boy in a few weeks and a sport coat and dress pants he bought about a month ago.

Sydney and Cole played with Cadence on the playground when they were visiting on Saturday and Sunday. Cadence loves them both!!!

Though fishing wasn't very good, Cadence felt very special to be able to hold Sydney and Cole's pole for a couple of minutes.

Every evening we went on a walk to see how much of the snow/ice-covered river had caved in. Every day, more of the river was showing. We even saw a few large pieces of ice break off the banks and flow down the river. Cadence assisted Maddie in pushing the stroller on the walks sometimes.

Usually, we walk over to the lookout point (looks down the canyon), but this year there was too much snow and the trail was covered in many places. People were still taking the tram up the mountain and skiing down!!!

We walked over to the start of the trail just to see it and I stepped on the snow. I was holding Cadence and the snow shifted just an inch. Due to my lack of balance and loose ligaments, my ankle rolled. I hobbled back to where my mom could pick me up in a car and take me to the condo. I spent the rest of the day with my ankle raised and on ice. It swelled and has turned a nice bluish-purple color. I'm such a klutz!!! I was so mad at myself. Luckily, I am able to get around just fine now. It just swells every day and is a little sore.

In all, our Snowbird vacation was so relaxing and fun. Cadence wishes that she had big sisters like Maddie and McKinley. She wishes she could "blow bubbles" and go swimming every day. She loves entertaining and is still singing 'YMCA' and trying to do the actions with her arms. We will be back at Snowbird next year for another year of swimming, fingernail painting, snacking, hiking (without spraining an ankle), cousins/sisters, movies and fun. Thanks Grammy for allowing us to come and spend the week with you!!!

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Liz said...

What a great vacation! It looks so beautiful! Just think, next year you'll have another one with you. :)