Monday, June 16, 2008

A Visit to Grammy's House!

There are certain activities we do almost everytime we visit Grammy's. First, we HAVE to swing on her tire swing. Cadence could swing for hours and not get bored. She is very daring and likes to go higher than my head.

She also likes to jump on Grammy's 30-year-old trampoline. This is the tramp on which I grew up jumping. I can't believe it has lasted this long!!! It's life is finally coming to an end. I think it is beyond repair. Cadence still can jump in the corner if I am standing by it. Otherwise, she likes to see how close she can get to the big hole and put sticks through it.

Next, we go to the Living Planet Aquarium. We bought a year pass last September and have used it at least 15 times. Cadence enjoys seeing the fish and she will often talk about the stingrays (even though she is afraid of them.) When she sees Nemo and Doree she gets really excited!

The last activity we normally do if we have time is to ride some rides and play some games at CHUCK E. CHEESE! We don't usually buy the pizza (it costs too much and takes too much time). We take a few tokens and let Cadence have fun! She always wants to give Chuck E. Cheese five or give him a kiss.

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mandy said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog so I could find you! It was so fun to catch up with your cute family.

I remember that trampoline well! I can't believe it's still there! How fun to visit Grammy. My kids look forward to visits so much being so far away.

I am so excited for your next little one! Will you send me your address? I want to send you a little something.

Lots of love!
~mandy sybrowsky