Friday, June 6, 2008

Finishing The Basement!

Now that we are moved out of the basement, we get to put the finishing touches on it. (the trim, some paint touch up, cleaning, etc.) We are very grateful to our friend Brian for his willingness to assist us in these tasks. He is one of those kind people that has saved us on many occasions when it comes to our houses. I joke that Brian is our "Family Friend Slave." It feels like that sometimes except he seems to enjoy all the projects we have.

Brian and his cute wife, Tawna, have three beautiful, energetic kids. Cadence loves hanging out with Connor and Taylor. When Brian came up last week, he brought Connor and Taylor to play. The three of them enjoyed being monkeys jumping on the bed, eating popsicles, telling "scary" stories, feeding the ducks, playing basketball and swinging.

If you notice Cadence's clothes, most of them come from Taylor. We love hand-me-downs. We are grateful for their generosity. Cadence is one of the most well dressed toddlers around!!!

Sandy, my oldest sister, and her family came to watch Kelsie and Sierra play in a basketball tournament at Logan High. They stayed over night and Cadence loved it. They ended up staying late on Saturday to assist us in getting the basement closer to being done. The unexpected surprises set us back a couple of days. We are so grateful for the custom job Russ did on the windows!!!

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