Monday, June 16, 2008

The Spot!!!

The other day, Cadence got in some boxes that I haven't unpacked yet. She found a tube of long-lasting lipstick. She knew it was make-up and put a little dash on her eye (she thought was mascara!!!) When I discovered Cadence, 'the spot' had dried on her eyebrow. She has been very concerned about it because it WON'T wash off!!! She won't let me scrub 'the spot.' I showed Cadence that Mommy had a spot too. Thanks to pregnancy, I get this really cool acne on my neck. Everytime Cadence looks in the mirror and starts to worry about 'the spot, I show her Mommy's 'spot.' I reassure her that spots are COOL and BEAUTIFUL!!! It has been 3 days and 'the spot' is slowly fading. It looks like a red birthmark on her eyebrow.

Cadence's and Mommy's 'spot.'

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