Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Last Days Have Come

That's right!!! The Last Days of some many different events have come and some are coming so soon.

Friday was my last day of "work" as a Special Education Teacher for who knows how long. My three hours of getting paid in money will turn into 24 hours of paychecks filled with love (and other surprises). I will definitely miss my cute students, their funny personalities and the hilarious phrases that come out of their mouths. I will miss seeing them improve and "get it." I will miss using my school teaching talents and having that part of my life. (Mixed emotions!!!)

Friday was also Cadence's last day with the babysitter, my friend, Camille. She has been such a blessing to Cadence and me. As you all know, Cadence is a talker and is so brilliantly smart. I know that Camille, Louis (husband), Kaylee (5) and Charles(3) have played a big part in her intellectual development. Cadence loves Charles and Kaylee!!! She has loved having big kids to play with, learn from and love. I cried when I realized that her schedule was changing drastically and these wonderful people she has come to love will not play a part in her daily development. They introduced her to websites like and activities like making footprints out of water on the cement, learning to ride a big kid tricycle backwards and wearing a towel around her shoulders for a cape.

Thank you Camille, Louis, Kaylee and Charles for making Cadence part of your family for 3 hours a day the last school year. She will MISS YOU so much!!!

This weekend is the last day of living in the basement apartment of our house. Chris and I have decided that with another baby coming, we get to move out of our short-ceiling, small basement to the upstairs where we get double the room and higher ceiling. Our 'sacrifice brings blessings' motto won't be used as often (until we start remodeling and tearing apart the upstairs). Our moving crew, the Crockett Ward friends, will be assisting us in the mighty move upstairs. We are hoping it only takes a couple of hours. A pregnant, young couple will be moving in the basement in about a week.
(Cadence is cleaning the blinds in preparation for the big move! She thought this was SO FUN!)

Finally, the days of being a mom to a single child are quickly coming to an end. I went to the "baby doctor" last week and everything is going well. Cadence likes to hear the heartbeat. Only one more 2 week appointment and then we start seeing the doctor weekly. I can't believe the Johnnie family will be a family of 4 in about 5 weeks. I know that this baby will bring many changes with it!!! I better get ready for them!!!

(Cadence, our only child for a couple more weeks, is making her "monster" face.)

The Last Days are not as bad/scary as people have made them out to be. Although I definitely have mixed emotions, these changes are improvements and should be celebrated. Cheers to the Last Days!!!


Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Wow some big changes for the Johnnies!! Congrats on them all. I wish I could have seen you cute and pregnant. Hard to believe in 4-5 weeks there will be a Chris JR.

someotherjohnnies said...

Kai and COurtney love seeing "Caindence's" photos on the computer! Changes are certain with the second child, but the rewards greatly outweigh any struggle! we love you guys!

someotherjohnnies said...

We are so thrilled with your blog! Kai and Courtney are excited to see "Caindence" on their computer. Love- the other Johnnies